We all know that it’s crucial to protect the data that is stored on your devices. But what about the devices themselves? Stolen or damaged technology can be devastating to a business. Not only are these devices often expensive to replace, but missing or compromised devices can be a huge security threat. Luckily though, computer security hardware can help you protect the tools you use to run your business. Below, we’ll share some common types of computer security hardware. We’ll also give you additional tips for keeping your company safe.

What is Computer Security Hardware?

Computer security hardware is any type of physical tool that is used to protect your computer or other tech devices. These tools can be used to prevent theft or to ensure that only authorized users have access to a device. Technology theft is more common than many business owners realize. Therefore, these products can be essential to your company’s security.

Types of Devices

There are several different types of hardware available. Firstly, there are tools that physically secure a computer or tablet to a surface, preventing theft. These tools range from simple metal cables/wires to digitalized locks. Other tools, such as security dongles, are small physical tools that essentially act as keys. With these tools, only authorized users can access a computer. The best tools for your business will depend on a few different factors, such as your security needs and the likelihood of theft.

Making The Most of Your Hardware

While computer security hardware is great, it must be paired with other security systems in order to truly protect your business. For instance, cybersecurity is crucial for protecting your intellectual property- even on devices that are physically secure. An IT technician can make sure that both your hardware and your software are protected.

Start With a Consultation

Not sure which type of security is best for you? Exordium Networks is here to help. Our IT experts can create a security plan that meets your business’s unique needs. We can also recommend products, update your software, and help you plan for a secure future. Call us today to book your consultation.

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