As the Founder and CEO of LCB Senior Living, I was involved in the selection of Exordium Networks to manage our computer system and could not be happier with their performance. They have far exceeded our expectations. There is no comparison to any of the companies that we previously used. Their 24/7 availability is without doubt the most critical positive to our business. Having teams in the US, India and Pakistan provides true round the clock coverage for all our communities, all our associates and the corporate office. We had never experienced this instant help desk before. Their knowledge of our industry was another reason why we chose Exordium and they have proven time and time again how important that is. Their expertise in every segment of service they provide is world class. In conclusion I would add that their proven performance day in day out is remarkable and why I am giving the best recommendation of a company that I have ever given in my career.
Michael Stoller

Managing Partner & CEO, LCB Senior Living

Over the past 13 years, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside Mohammed Khurrum, and his team at Exordium Networks. When I started at LifeWell, five years ago, I quickly recognized that we needed to make a shift from our existing provider to Exordium. I appreciated the relationships that we had previously built together and knew that Exordium would help us ensure a seamless transition for our community level teams. Exordium has always exceeded expectations with their level of engagement, professionalism and responsiveness. They are interested not only in their part of our business, but rather our whole business. They truly care about the success of our communities and most importantly they care about our residents, and team members. I love working with Exordium. They have become part of our LifeWell family.
Kimberly Erickson

President & Chief Operating Officer, LifeWell Senior Living

We have been doing business with AT&T for several years for our fax and fire lines. Earlier this year, we ran into some major issues with their service and if it wasn’t for the staff at Exordium helping us out, I would still be without service an unable to operate our business. AT&T called me up saying we had to switch over to a T-1 system or we would lose service. This was a mandatory update. They convinced me to sign a 3 year contract with them for this service in order to keep our lines. The service they sold me wouldn’t even work for us and I ultimately lost my lines for 3 weeks while I made phone calls daily hoping someone could help me get our service back up. I finally get service reinstated only to have them do the same conversion again, causing us to lose our lines once again. At this point, I am frantically trying to get some form of service up and running. This is where Exordium came in. Exordium has managed our phone lines for about a year now. Even though they do not deal with our fax and fire lines, they jumped right in to help me solve the issue with AT&T. They reviewed my contract, helped me source a new contract with a different vendor that would save me tons of money each month, and help with the porting process to get my lines back up and running. While the problems were being resolved, they set me up with an eFax line so I could still keep receiving physician’s orders even while my fax line was down. I am very grateful for the service and additional help I have received from Exordium. I don’t think we could be operating without them.
Amy Tullis

As Executive Director of a senior living community, it is a pleasure to work with Exordium networks in installation and maintenance of communication and internet technology systems. In a new community quick responses are very valuable, and the customer support team is always available when we need them. Their response times are phenomenal on the phone and online support. With that being said, Exordium Networks continues to go the “extra mile” to follow up and ensure that your concern has been resolved. That extra effort means so much to our community and our team, and we highly recommend Exordium Networks for your company’s needs.
Dori W. Jenrette

Executive Director, The Claiborne at Adelaide, Starkville, MS

Q. You are known in the Senior Living, Assisted Living Industry, Could you please give me a brief history of your career, your success, your vision?
A. I have been doing assisted living since 1991. I have developed a number of properties in multiple states and I have taken the company public and grew it to a large size and have experienced a lot of things over the last 24 years. The joy of the Senior Housing business is to be able to make a difference and help the seniors and have fun doing that.

It’s a service business of people helping other people and so it is incumbent upon having experts like Mohammed and Exordium to be able to do what he is an expert at, in services that I need, to be able to have tools, to be able to service seniors.

Q. How did you get involved with our company, Exordium?

A. My CFO is Abdulla Kagalwala and he was a longtime friend of Mohammed. When we started Signature in 2005, Abdulla had suggested Mohammed because of his strength on nurse call systems and wireless systems.

Q. What was the reason you chose Exordium Networks?

A. Because Abdullah said that he is good guy and obviously he’s got a PhD on his resume and his experience in Information Systems was compelling and I gave him a go at it and he went and worked at our first building and got it working and has fixed the problems as they have come up and has done a great job since.

Q. Was price more important than delivery, service, or quality?

A: I used to be a CPA, and there are three things that you are told. You have (1) Quality, you have (2) Cost, and you have (3) Speed and those three things are always in conflict.

For me, price is important, but when you have a nurse call system or a paging system or phone system that does not work, it doesn’t give you much comfort knowing that you went with the lowest dollar.

I have always prided myself in people just like myself that gives service to seniors. Its important to be able to deliver the promise that you make. That is normally at or at or a little more at a premium, and you normally hear that spiel, but the difference with Exordium is that they actually back up their service and they actually make it work.

Q. Can you tell me what your experience has been with our service?

A: In 2005 when we opened our first building in Paris, Texas Abdullah and Mohammed were out there and they did whatever it took to get it working, including coming back at 3 o’clock in the morning the night we were getting our permits… if you can imagine in the two lane road coming back to Dallas from this small town and that darn near totaled his car and gratefully he wasn’t hurt, but it was a testament to Exordium.

That was my first building and I did 17 after that Exordium was in control of.

When the computer systems go down, or the nurse call, or the pendants, or the telephone, or the handhelds – they have to work. Exordium Networks is proactive in designing a system that is affordable as well as is reliable – and if it isn’t, then he fixes it.

Q. Can you think of a word or phrase that best describes your relationship with Exordium?

A. Complete Confidence.

Q. Why?

A: Because over the last 17 projects in the last 10 years that I have known him, Exordium delivers on what they say.

And when the computers go down, the phones go down, everybody wants to blame everybody else – its’ the internet provider, it’s the hardware, it’s the software, it’s the phone lines, it’s the low voltage – and I don’t care about any of that. And Exordium Networks goes and solves it, regardless of who’s problem it was, they fix it – so that has been tried and true, time and time again.

And now, as I have recommended him to MorningStar and other people, not only does he do the same kind of service in being reliable, but he is also more cost effective.

Q: Have you had our competitors knock on your door? If so, what did you tell them?

A: I tell them just that. At the end of the day, people have expertise in certain segments and are typically unwilling or to give a complete solution. Because they are an expert in just the hardware, or the software, or the wiring, or they sell the phone system, or they sell the nurse call system. That is fine, but I need it to work!

It’s a problem that you and I have every day with our computers, it’s that if the computer goes down, is it the router, is it the internet, is it the computer, is it the software on the computer? What is it? I don’t know. But I call Exordium and they fix it. And especially in the buildings when you have a speaker or an intercom goes out, or the emergency system is down, or whatever – again I am an expert at providing care services to seniors, not a technology expert. And to discern, to referee is it hardware, is it software, is it service, what is it? – They (Exordium) do and fix it.

Q.: Why would you recommend us to someone else?

A: Why wouldn’t I?? Anybody that is in this business needs somebody like Exordium and Mohammed because they are an expert in so many aspects. Why go with an expert that has a narrow band of expertise when you can go with Exordium that has an expert in every aspect of everything that touches the resident in respect to information systems.

Q: If someone called you and said “Why should I do business with Exordium Networks”, what would you tell them?

A: I would tell them what I told you – they are reliable, they are dependable and they will make sure it gets fixed at a cost that is comparable to somebody else that won’t do it.
And if you call Ken Yaegar at MorningStar or somebody else, that is what they are going to say.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to have?

A: Feel free to have people call me for verbal testimony. And again – he is amazing.

Steven Vick

Founder & CEO, Signature Senior Living

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