Technology remains to be relatively new and must be studied and taught. While it remains to be relevant for the younger generations, society portrays that the older generation is unwilling or unable to learn. This age prejudice regarding the use of technology is quite untrue. In this blog, we will debunk this popular notion of how technology can only be beneficial for younger people and minds.

As the world progresses technologically, it becomes increasingly important for seniors to adapt to this change in order to lead a fulfilling life. Use of the right resources and amount of technology can significantly improve the lives of seniors ensuring that they remain active, engaged and socially connected. This article explores various activities propelled through advanced technology – ensuring that senior and old age people are otherwise productive and take due benefit from it.

Exercise and Wellness Apps

Physical health and wellness are essential for senior living people. The use of technology i.e. exercise and wellness apps can help them stay on track of their fitness goals. These apps offer guided workouts, track progress and often offer personalized fitness routines for many seniors who may have been limited by mobility and other chronic issues. Fitness apps come in a wide variety including yoga, meditation, mindfulness – helping senior living people to explore various practices under one roof. Either be installed on the phone device, wearable gadgets have now become increasingly popular to set activity goals and monitor health otherwise.

Trivia and Games

Games can be a fun pastime for seniors. These can help them stay active and bolster their confidence and mental activity. Games also stimulate cognitive function such as memory, attention and problem solving. Online games give us a plethora of options to choose as per our liking. Whether it can be an adrenaline rush like fruit ninja or a more mind churning game that involves trivia questions and numbers. Games also can drive a sense of achievement and confidence in old age people.

Online Videos and Podcasts

Online forums are a house of informational, DIY, Fun and entertaining videos. Whether it is learning a new skill or a new language, we have been made available with multiple options to choose from. Online platforms that have informational and entertaining videos and podcasts can help seniors engage into new learning and engagement – enriching their knowledge on various topics.

E-Reading and Audiobooks

This is for the grown-up book lovers! Technology has helped us built an unending library of e-books and audio books. Seniors can easily access the book of their choice through relative apps. These apps also allow multiple font size and color options making it easier for seniors to navigate through the app – ultimately making reading an enjoyable experience.


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