A network security administrator can help you keep your IT systems secure. For some companies, it’s important to have an on-site network security administrator to assist with operations. However, other companies prefer to outsource this role. Which type of position is best for your business? In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of in-person vs. remote administrators.

What is a Network Security Administrator?

A network security administrator is the person who is responsible for the safety and security of a computer network. Usually, these individuals prevent unauthorized users from accessing a network. For businesses, a network security administrator is an important part of their overall cybersecurity plan. The administrator can reduce digital threats while also helping the business plan for other security threats in the future.

Reasons People Hire In-Person Support

Most IT positions can be done remotely (or partially remotely) these days. However, some businesses still prefer to work with in-person IT support. Cybersecurity is obviously a sensitive area, and many business owners simply find it easier to trust a person they see face-to-face. Other businesses might think in-person support is the easiest and/or most convenient option for their company as a whole.

Is It Better to Outsource?

While in-person tech support might work for your team, outsourcing might be a better option. Outsourcing is often more flexible, allowing companies to hire workers without worrying about location. Plus, network security can easily be performed remotely, which means you won’t be sacrificing quality.

Start With a Consultation

An IT consultation is the best way to determine whether or not outsourcing is a smart choice for your company. During your consultation, an IT professional will evaluate your current systems and help you choose the best services for your needs. If you’re looking to outsource, then your consultants can also recommend the best IT professionals for the job.

Expert Services for All Your Tech Needs

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