Senior Care Solutions

At Exordium Networks, we combine cutting-edge technology with caring customer support to create smart, safe, and effective senior care systems. With decades of experience in both IT and senior care, you can count on our experts to help you find the right solutions for your unique needs.
Stratos Senior-Care
24/7 Support
Exordium offers round-the-clock IT support for the ultimate peace of mind. We offer security monitoring, access control support, and other customer service tools. We know that in a senior care emergency, every minute counts. Live representatives will take your call at any time, giving you peace of mind while dealing with any problem.
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Keeping Facilities Open
Thanks to technology, senior care companies are able to operate safely, even in the age of COVID-19. We can help you create symptom surveys, safety waivers, and digital screening tools to limit the spread of disease in your facilities. We also offer software integrations, making it even easier to report symptoms and track compliance with new safety guidelines.
Technology That Works For You
We understand that every company will have different IT needs. Our services range from simple consultations and software installation to full-service IT takeovers and security management. We work with each senior care company individually, creating unique services that fit their budget, company goals, and personal level of IT knowledge.
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