It is quite common to use technical terminologies interchangeably. In a similar case, help desk and IT support are indeed used to refer to the same thing. However, there is a fundamental difference between the two forms of operations.

The simplest way to distinguish between the two is to think of a helpdesk as a function that reactively serves as the first point of contact for customers. A help desk tends to solve everyday customer queries with any relative product or service. IT support for senior living, on the other hand, delves deeper into specific issues which need more specialized knowledge and expertise.

Key Differences Between Help Desk and IT Support

While both of them provide some sort of assistance, IT support workers require more skill and knowledge to carry out their roles. Let’s talk in more detail.

They have different objectives

Help desks serving as the first point of contact – have a gazillion general queries coming in. While some get resolved by simply addressing the issue and providing answers. IT support deals with issues that require more knowledge and expertise. If an issue is not resolved by the helpdesk, it is likely to be escalated to the IT support team. The IT support doesn’t have flooding queries. However, each one of them requires time and technicality. In commonality, the end goal is to make the customer satisfied.

Deals with customers differently

When customers face an issue, they tend to get frustrated and upset. A helpdesk worker must be equipped with interpersonal skills to deal with customers promptly. A rising helpdesk employee will practice patience and empathy while recommending potential solutions, options, or answers to a range of queries. On the other hand, IT support focuses on solving problems with technical needs. They understand the customer’s problem in detail and resolve the issue.

Their problem-solving approach is different

A helpdesk worker must have a wide understanding of the company’s service and products. They must know how to promptly extend help to customers. While IT support necessitates technical expertise. They must have a nuanced understanding of the hardware and software to provide quick and efficient technical solutions.

Selecting The Right Help For Your Business: IT Support or Helpdesk

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The resolution to whether your business needs a helpdesk team or IT support depends on the specific nature of your business and customer niche. If you own a beauty salon and answering general queries does suffice for your business, a helpdesk might be the answer for you.

However, if your company provides network services to residents and travelers in a localized area, you might need an IT department—or even both, to complement each other. Businesses should assess their scale and resources to determine what is right for them!

Final Words

Helpdesk and IT support are entities that provide help in different forms. While helpdesk tends to regard general queries, IT support is more detailed and technical. However, the end goal is to make the customer happy and satisfied.

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