Artificial intelligence (AI) has been co-existing over years. But now, its popularity and recognition has reached its pinnacle. AI tools have been integrated in software’s, apps and other digital avenues to make life simpler. Justifying if it has made life easier or more complex is a question for another day. Right now, we are here to discuss the positive implications of AI in the lives of senior living communities and how it continues to help simplify everyday tasks for them.

How Is AI Being Used In Everyday Lives

AI for most people is just SIRI. But, it is so much more than that. AI has taken multiple forms and is actively helping seniors to simplify their lives. Let’s now list down the numerous ways AI is being used today!

  • Smart home assistants can control various house chores with one click, voice command, or action. Such as lighting, temperature, security and much more.
  • Personal assistants help with medicine management, appointment scheduling, meal planning etc.
  • AI enabled sensors can detect falls, track activity patterns and even identify potential health concerns.
  • In the e-commerce world, AI is being used for personalized shopping experience, inventory management and instant customer service.
  • AI chat-bots can be your virtual companions. Whether you need a recipe or relationship advice, AI has something in store for you.
  • AI powered apps are optimized to give a personalized user experience, real-time favorable routes and much more.

How Does AI Benefit The Elderly

People of all ages are now taking advantage of AI. We see the younger generation well maneuvering AI for their own benefit. Elderly people are also actively seeking ways to benefit from AI. Here is how:

  1. Aids Health Monitoring
    AI is now being used to monitor senior health by wearable devices and smart home systems. They track signs, detect falls and even send alerts to caregivers or family in case of emergencies. In this way, seniors and their loved ones are always updated about their fluctuating health.
  2. Medication Management
    With age, you may develop multiple health conditions. Senior people can face difficulty in keeping up with correct and timely schedules. Which is why AI powered medication management systems can send reminders and even hand out medications.
  3. Social Interaction
    Virtual assistants and AI powered chat-bots provide a means of social interaction for elderly. It has reportedly reduced the feelings of loneliness and isolation in adults. You can either engage in conversations, play games and get answers to your queries instantly.
  4. Daily Living Assistance
    Smart home technology can help automate menial tasks at the ease of a click or command. Whether it is switching the lights, adjusting thermostats or managing home security systems. AI can also help in meal planning, setting reminders and much more.
  5. Increased Independence
    AI fosters independence in seniors by providing innovative solutions. Things that might require support of another individual, AI has made it simple through assistive technologies.

Overall Summary

AI has multiple benefits, especially for seniors, by making everyday tasks more simpler and manageable. From wearable devices to voice activated assistants – AI is offering innovative solutions tailored according to specific needs.

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