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Our expert team provides solutions that are designed to address the technology, legal, governance and regulatory challenges of Cyber Security Risk Management. Our bundled, comprehensive services provide a complete, centralized Cyber Security Solution.

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For over the years, Exordium has been building complex technology infrastructure, networks and private clouds, in many industries across North America. Exordium Networks Inc. understands the cyber security phenomenon goes beyond technology and IT solutions. Our pioneering approach offers an unprecedented suite of cyber security compliance and risk management services to our clients, providing a 360 degree, fully wrapped cyber security solution.

What Can Exordium Provide

Exordium Networks has a deep understanding of the security challenges that organizations face over time and in their daily operations. We know that having a recognized security partner that organizations know and trust can make an immediate, meaningful difference to business operations. We specialize in cybersecurity solutions that provide proactive protection and monitoring for valuable assets and information, as well as threat response and mitigation to keep critical systems from unauthorized access in real-time.

Analysis, Implement, Monitor
Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Your security is only as strong as your weakest link, and user risk poses unintended but serious threats to your business’ operational security – especially with remote work becoming popular in the modern workplace.

All the security in the world doesn’t help if attackers can gain entry through weak or reused passwords, phishing and social engineering attacks. The average cost of global data breaches averages $3.9 million, and hacked organizations run the risk of going out of business and permanently eroding client trust.

The most efficient way to mitigate user risk is to educate employees and staff on strengthening their security practices through awareness training. We provide on-demand training for employees to learn to protect themselves and employ good cybersecurity practices.

Exordium lets you empower your staff to make confident, technologically-sound workplace decisions through an increased skill set that protects your business assets and bottom line.

Zero Trust Model Security

Passive network defenses are no longer enough for today’s complex organizational needs, with threats originating from malicious actors only requiring access to the network before being able to wreak havoc once inside. That’s why Exordium endorses using a Zero Trust model as an end-to-end, fully integrated security philosophy for a modern corporate environment.

The guiding principles of a Zero Trust model are based on constant, explicit verification, least-privileged access, and automated data collection. Every access request is vetted continuously, instead of just once. Users have no more privileges to access data than are strictly required, and identity attributes are automatically collected and verified.

Zero Trust Model Security

Ransomware Protection

Modern cyber threats have become more advanced than ever before, with ransomware attacks on company systems costing businesses millions of dollars in lost information, threat response and revenue.

Exordium offers customized solutions for your business to protect you from ransomware threats through managed detection and response (MDR) solutions.

Managed detection and response means you have 24/7 proactive security that monitors and hunts for threats to your network, with the benefit of access to forensic-level threat detection and analysis. All without the administration and overhead of employing dedicated IT personnel in house.

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We are one of the best cyber security companies in USA, with a team of industry experts specialized in cyber security, cloud solutions, managed security services, and more.



Medical device security is a critical component within information assurance programs at hospitals worldwide. We work with facilities to ensure HITECH/HIPAA security programs meet the challenges involved in operating within such a highly regulated industry.


We work in tandem with higher education facilities to meet their cybersecurity management and policy challenges, ensuring clients remain in compliance with privacy regulations including FERPA, FACTA, GLBA, and HIPAA.


All financial companies are required to implement security measures in order to protect themselves against cyber attacks. We can help you establish a detailed cyber security plan, enact a comprehensive cyber security policy, and initiate and maintain an ongoing reporting system for cybersecurity events.


Medical device security is a critical component within information assurance programs at hospitals worldwide. We work with facilities to ensure HITECH/HIPAA security programs meet the challenges involved in operating within such a highly regulated industry.
Non Profits

Non Profits

Nonprofits often tend to be targeted by cyber criminals due to a lack of resources to implement cyber security measures. Without proper measures in place, one single breach could end an entire organization and its mission.
Concerned about phishing, CEO fraud, or ransomware?
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