Cyber security and network security are two terms that are used a lot in the business world. But what do they mean- and what’s the difference between them? In this article, we’ll explain cyber security vs. network security so you can best protect your company.

What is Cyber Security?

Technology is becoming increasingly important in the business world. However, it’s just as important that a company keeps its technology safe from misuse. Cyber security is an umbrella term that describes the entire system in place to protect files, programs, networks, and devices- essentially, anything digital that a person or company uses.

What is Network Security?

As you can see, cyber security is a pretty broad term. Network security is a branch of cyber security that specifically protects a business’s networks, such as databases, directories, and files. Networks typically store the crucial, private information that a business needs to operate. Therefore, it’s important to use forms of network security, such as secure passwords, encryption, and firewalls, to keep these networks safe.

Cyber Security Vs. Network Security in Business

So what is the difference between cyber security vs network security? Simply put, network security is one specific branch of cyber security. However, both are important for any modern company. In order to get the most out of your network security, you need to have good cyber strategies in place. This will help you protect against hackers, data breaches, and other digital security threats.

Choosing the Best Security Services

Using the same team for your cyber security and your network security needs is an easy- and also convenient- way to keep your system safe. Plus, using the same team means that fewer people will have access to your personal information- another important plus for security. Contact a trusted IT team to learn which services are right for your company.

Tech Support That Works For You

Exordium Networks offers a wide variety of tech services to help your senior care business thrive. If you are debating cyber security vs. network security, why not get an expert’s opinion? Call us today to book a tech consultation with a member of our team.

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