The Importance of an Emergency Call System

May 15, 2023

An emergency call system is one of the most important pieces of technology that a senior care facility can have. However, many in the senior care industry still rely on old or outdated technology for emergencies. In this article, we’ll explain why it’s important to update these systems regularly. We’ll also tell you the easiest […]

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Why Voice Communication Still Matters in 2023

Apr 30, 2023

There are so many ways that we communicate in our modern world. From emails to text messages to communication apps, it’s now easier to get in touch than ever before. And while these newer ways of connecting are certainly convenient, voice communication still has benefits that are important in the workplace. Read on to learn […]

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What’s a VPN Concentrator- And Should You Use One?

Apr 15, 2023

A VPN concentrator is just one of many tools that can help you protect your business. But what exactly is a VPN concentrator? And more importantly- is it necessary for your company’s safety? We’ll go over the basics of this tool in the article below. Understanding VPNs Before we talk about VPN concentrators, let’s start […]

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Do You Need a Firewall For Your Small Business?

Mar 30, 2023

many options available to protect your information. Is it right for your small business? And if not, what should you use instead? Read on to learn more about using a firewall for small business needs. What is a Firewall? A firewall is a device that monitors traffic coming into your computer network. Depending on your […]

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Improving Productivity With a Business Technology Consultant

Mar 15, 2023

A business technology consultant can help you better understand your company’s IT needs. However, these individuals can also do so much more. For instance, a business technology consultant can create practices for a faster, simpler, and more productive workplace. These changes will not only benefit your business, but also make work more enjoyable for your […]

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4 Possible Reasons Your Internet Speed is Inconsistent

Feb 15, 2023

A fast, reliable internet connection is one of the most important tools for any business. If your internet speed is inconsistent, it can affect the quality of your work and also lead to massive frustration. Understanding why your internet speed is inconsistent will help you solve the problem. So what could the cause be? Let’s […]

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