Case Studies

Case Study – Navion

Project Overview

When Exordium Networks acquired the contract to handle all of a customer’s IT needs, they were in a mess. 15 different vendors had problems with supplying their products that they needed. No one knew what was going on and frankly everyone was pointing fingers at each other. So, we came in and started to help and take care of all their IT needs.


The main challenges Exordium had to deal with was having to go through all of the existing vendors and try to take over all of the products and provide them through us, Exordium.

Including the following:

  • Aerohive was dealing with their Wi-Fi infrastructures.
  • Carousel Industries was dealing with their Service for phone line issues.
  • CPT Networks was also dealing with their service for phone line issues
  • J2 Global eFax was dealing with their fax services
  • McAfee dealing was with their Antivirus products
  • Lenovo Premium Support was dealing with their computer services
  • Microsoft Premier Support was dealing with their computer services
  • Dell Pro Support also was dealing with their computer services
  • Acer Premier Support was dealing with their Chrome Devices and Manufacturers
  • HP Enterprise Support was dealing with their computer services


Exordium Networks took care of all the customer’s needs and started supporting them and being their one true supplier. All their IT needs were taken care of from their desktop computers and laptops to their desktop phones, and much more! We take care of their Wi-Fi infrastructures, phone line issues, fax services, antivirus products, computer services, chrome devices and manufacturers.
Exordium Networks Inc. now takes care of all their IT needs.

Business Impact

With this project and problem, this customer of ours has become one of Exordium Network’s great partners. We have gained a lot of experience and learned a lot of trust from them throughout this process. They have also said that we are fortunate to have this partnership and look forward to working together more in the future.

Case Study – Home Healthcare Provider (Amcare Pro)

Project Overview

VoIP telephony has significant advantages over traditional phone lines and legacy PBX systems, and many vendors offer compelling cloud-based and on-premises solutions. As a pioneer in offering VoIP telephony systems to our customers, Exordium Networks has worked with many different clients to solve their communication needs. One such customer – a home healthcare provider and aggregator – had moved to a cloud service provider who they later faced support and feature issues with. Their team had also grown internationally and they needed the ability to work as a single team. For these expanded needs, this customer came back to Exordium for their exceptional support and ability to deploy the features the customer needed at a price that made sense.


As a home health care provider and aggregator with a growing global team, the customer required a wide range of communications technologies like phone calls, SMS, and online chat to coordinate with patients and providers to provide timely assistance care. With multiple onshore and offshore teams, they needed a system that could provide crystal-clear voice connectivity for endpoints located on both sides of the globe. These needs were previously met by multiple vendors, but Exordium brought them together in a more seamless and cost-effective manner under one vendor and one bill.


The customer’s multi-channel needs were easily met by the 3CX platform, for which Exordium is a Silver partner. As a long-established telecommunications provider, our relationships with Tier 1 providers gives our customers reliable, crystal-clear voice and flexible SMS services at reasonable rates. Our robust cloud environment allows users from locations as diverse as the Philippines and India to connect to the PBX environment with the same reliability as the US-based home office. By connecting to the same environment, these users can also collaborate with each other with ease. This proved essential to facilitate collaboration and efficiency even during the pandemic lockdowns.

When companies partner with Exordium Networks to fulfill their telecom and IT needs, they partner with a company that is constantly seeking better, more secure, more efficient ways that their needs can be fulfilled. Contact us at or call us at (972) 573-1180 to discuss how Exordium can help you meet your communications and information goals.

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