Multiple housemates residing under a common roof can have different internet needs, some may want to split bills, or use high speed for gaming or software operating. Multiple users on the same internet or different household portions can result in overloaded router load and slow internet speed. In such cases, it is a great idea to have two separate internet service providers as per personal preferences.

How To Get Two Internet Connections?

The process of getting two internet connections in one house is quite simple and straightforward given that you have the right help and assistance. All you have to do is research your options in your area, assess their packages and reputation of the service around your location. After you have made a decision, call the service providing company to schedule an installation appointment. You can enjoy two internet privileges in the matter of a few days!

Advantages of Two Internet Providers In One House

To some it may seem too much to have two internet providers in one home, but for many, this is an only and ideal solution. Here are some benefits to consider:


If you work from home or your work heavily depends on fast internet speed, having two separate internet connections can provide a safety net – without you having to face a complete internet blackout.

Increased Speed

Two internet connections can reduce the total load and help distribute it. While it reduces traffic congestion, it simultaneously helps in increasing internet speed for each user.

Splitting The Cost

If you live in a shared accommodation, it makes sense financially. You pay for what and how much you use. Two internet providers are useful to split the cost given usage of one or more families or roommates.

Geographic Limitations

Different internet service providing companies have varying coverages and reliability. Having one or more internet connections provides more alternatives to find better speed and coverage at the given location.

Disadvantages Of Two Internet Providers In One House

While having two internet may work for many, here are some drawbacks to consider before making your final call.

Additional Cost

Availing multiple internet services can increase cost including the additional equipment and monthly bill. Overall cost can be influenced by the type, total number of MB’s and specific service providing company.

Additional Equipment

Using two internet providers can increase the need for additional wiring, router or cable to be installed in your house.

Increased Maintenance

Managing logistics can be a hassle given two internet providing companies. It can be time consuming and complex to configure new systems on your devices.

Final Words

Exordium Networks provides fast, reliable and cost-effective internet services for senior living communities in Dallas, TX. Reach out to us at (972) 573-1180 to discuss your internet requirements for overall assistance!

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