Adequate use of technology can contribute to the wellbeing of elderly. It can be a source of convenience and entertainment if used wisely. Integration of technology in daily lives can help elderly stay informed and connected to the outside world. However, technology can possibly have a negative impact too. Let’s explore how technology can be a threat to security, information leaks and overall distraction.

It can be Distracting

The prolonged use of mobile phones, tablets or TV’s can negatively impact the lives of elderly people. If they are so much engrossed using social media and prolonged hours of scrolling, it can hamper their cognitive abilities and memory. Seniors can also compromise their time reserved for walks, reading a book, and socializing with friends. It can likely cause them to struggle in engaging in physical activity and feel lethargic and lazy.

Victims of Cybercrime

While young adults of this generation are growing as technology progresses. In contrast, elders and seniors can have difficulty in grasping the negatives of technology and how their information is out there on platforms. It makes it vulnerable to cyber crimes and fraud. There can be information leaks falling to online frauds. This can also lead to life threatening incidents.

Health Implications

Use of technology for extended times can cause strain on eyes and disrupt sleep patterns. This can overall have health impacts on elderly people. Spending too much time on phones can also result in sitting for prolonged time contributing to obesity and other health complications.

Over Dependency

Reliance on technology can result in over-dependency for daily tasks. Elderly people can become overly dependent on technology for daily tasks that can be done without it. In cases of unavailability of technology, it can cause them stress and anxiety. Also, technology tends to create a bubble of comfort and stepping out of it can sometimes be very challenging for seniors.


The word technostress is a combination of stress that comes with the use of technology. Technology can get the worst of us and especially elders who are in a constant struggle to keep up with constant evolvement, changes and updates. This makes it difficult for them to keep up changes negatively impacting their mental wellbeing.

Final Takeaway

The world centers around technology, but it is important to weigh its positives and negatives. Hence, it is extremely important to learn technology and incorporate a healthy balance of its use. Responsible use of technology among elders can improve their lifestyle rather than being a threat.

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