A VoIP telephony service can have numerous benefits for your company. But what exactly is a VoIP telephony service- and why is it so beneficial? In this article, we’ll go over the basics of VoIP. We will also share 5 reasons why your company should consider this telephony upgrade.

What is a VoIP Telephony Service?

VoIP stands for “voice over internet protocol”. This technology uses the internet, as opposed to a traditional phone line, to make telephone calls. Once the callers connect, the call proceeds just like any other conversation. However, this type of connection has some additional benefits, including…

1- Improved Call Quality

Because this telephony service connects through the internet, call quality is usually much better. This makes communication easier and helps you maintain your professional appearance as a business.

2- A Flexible Option

VoIP services work wherever you have internet access, which means you can easily connect using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This is great for workers who are traveling, as well as those who simply want a more flexible option.

3- Perfect for Remote Workers

VoIP is a great way for remote workers to stay in touch with the in-office team. Not only call easy and clear, but workers can easily use the same platform from different computers. This means that your employees can take calls just as easily from their home office as they can from your team’s headquarters.

4- Easier Conference Calls

Conference calls are also a breeze using VoIP. Multiple people can easily use the same software, quickly and easily connecting from anywhere in the world. Different VoIP platforms also have additional conference call features, allowing your team to share photos, collaborate on projects, and chat with one another in real-time.

5-Save Money

VoIP is also a great way to save money. This service tends to be cheaper than more traditional telephony methods, especially if you make frequent international calls.

Expert Telephony Service When You Need it Most

Exordium Networks offers a wide variety of telephony services, as well as other types of IT support. Whether you need VoIP assistance, software updates, or a cybersecurity overhaul, our team is here for you. Call 972-573-1180 to get started today.

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