Exordium Networks is a provider of state of the art, fully hosted, network based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider that delivers cutting edge communication services to enhance the communication experiences of senior living management, staff and residents.

Benefits of Exordium Networks telephony solutions:

  • Management rich features that increase productivity – including conferencing, VIP Routing, click to call and line assignments.
  • On to go features allow for Voicemail to be accessed anywhere, anytime
  • Scalable, customized services to meet your growing needs – ease of scalability to hundreds of users
  • Reduce your phone bill by 30%
  • User friendly – for management and residents
  • Increase your Return on Investment – Offer residents secure resort type phone service for a very low cost, say $35 per month and then generate a profit of $15 to $20 per month, per resident.
  • Integration of smart phones and Android or IoS, tablets, phones and devices to display alerts that are generated by Nurse call system, fire alarm systems or access control systems.
  • Intercom Integration Features

How is this attractive to residents?

Along with high quality telephony service, Exordium provides a number of additional features without incurring any additional cost.

Automated Attendant
Blind Transfer
Call Detail Records / Logs
Call Forward on Busy
Call Forward on No Answer
Call Forward Variable
Call Monitoring
Call Parking
Call Queuing (Call Center Feature)
Call Recording
Call Recording
Call Routing (DID and ANI)
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Caller ID Blocking
Caller ID on Call Waiting
Call Waiting Tone – Enable/ Disable
Extension Only Users
Last Number Redial
Click to Dial (Optional)
Conference Bridging – multi party
Day / Night Mode
Day / Night toggle via Web
Dial by Name
Do not Disturb
Music on Hold
Music on Transfer: * Flexible Mp3 based system *Random or Linear Play * Volume Control
Overhead Paging (Optional)
Remote Office Support
Roaming Extensions
Route by Caller ID
Supervised Transfer
Three –Way Calling
Time and Date
Voicemail: *Visual Indicator for Message Waiting * Stutter Dial-tone for Message Waiting *Web Voicemail Interface
Direct Inward System
Flexible Extension Logic
Interactive Directory Listing
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Local and Remote Call Agents
Multiple Call Paths for Each User
Codec Priority Setting
911 Move Detection

Intercom Integration

In addition to the features described in the table, Exordium also provides IP intercom in the room. The advantages of such an intercom are as follows:

Additional Features

Unlimited Domestic Long Distance (can be in contact with their nearest and dearest without the worry of incurring extra costs.Call Waiting (reassure residents that no call will be missed)
Number Portability (Residents can retain their number even if their suite changes)Blacklisting (Reassure families and help residents stay away from solicitors and prank calls)
Instant Connectivity (Resident phone system is up and ready only minutes after move in)Follow me (Again, no missed call – calls forward to resident cell phone when they are out and about)
Three-Digit Extension Dialing (Ease of connectivity from suite to suite, suite to front desk, suite to manager desk)Audio Recording of Day’s Menu and Activities (option for management to make this available. Residents can access with just two buttons)
Conference Call (Invite the family – residents can speak to multiple family members at once)Call Forwarding (if resident is away from suite for an extended time, calls can be forwarded to another number)
Voice Mail (Can be accessed through phone, email or internet)Do not disturb - Day / Night Mode (Sleep is vital, residents can avoid being disturbed at night)