New partnership will ensure a smooth rollout of tech and IT solutions

IRVING, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 21, 2018 – The team at Exordium Networks, Inc., has announced that they’ve partnered with Pegasus Senior Living to ensure that the company’s tech and IT needs are carefully and skillfully rolled out.

Leaders at Exordium Networks, Inc., share a relationship with the leaders at Pegasus Senior Living spanning 20 years.

The heads of Pegasus Senior Living, Steven Vick and Chris Hollister, have a combined 50 years of senior housing operating experience. Pegasus Senior Living is located in Dallas, Texas, and is taking the helm of 36 former Brookdale senior living communities. Both Vick and Hollister view the right technology platforms as the basis that will help their company emerge as one of the best in the industry.

Meanwhile, at Exordium Networks, Inc., the mission is to provide total tech solutions for clients in the senior living community space. This mission perfectly aligns with the goals at Pegasus Senior Living.

Exordium Networks, Inc., takes a specialized interest in senior living communities and is one of the industry’s most trusted and skilled consulting agencies. The company proudly provides customized solutions for its senior living communities, including CTO services, strategic planning, and consulting. Other solutions include areas such as IT engineering, telephony, senior care app solutions, around the clock help desk, and a variety of other customized IT solutions and strategies tailored to clients’ needs. More information about the solutions from Exordium Networks, Inc., can be found via a video published on their YouTube channel.

The new partnership between Exordium Networks, Inc., and Pegasus Senior Living will ensure the senior living community company will implement and leverage leading edge, personalized technology that will reduce the number of vendors needed to do so. In essence, Pegasus Senior Living will be able to increase the quality of care received by their clients while keeping costs low for all involved parties. At the end of the day, this will ensure a best in class service for clients using Pegasus Senior Living that is truly second to none without sacrificing affordability.

“We believe that business is done with people,” said Dr. Mohammed Khurrum, CEO and President at Exordium Networks, Inc. “We make it a priority to know our clients and their needs and make it a point to solve whatever issue that may come up, whenever it comes up.”

According to Steven Vick, CEO at Pegasus Senior Living, “When the computers go down, the phones go down, and everybody wants to blame everybody else – it’s the internet provider, it’s the hardware, it’s the software, it’s the low voltage – and I don’t care about any of that. And Exordium Networks goes and solves it, regardless of who’s problem it was, they fix it – that has been tried and true, time and time again.”

Exordium Networks, Inc., will be available to help Pegasus Senior Living in areas including network security, data security, work station management, telephony, managed wi-fi, emergency call solutions, and more. Together, Exordium Networks, Inc., and Pegasus Senior Living are thrilled to offer the next level of continuity in care as part of one of the largest emerging senior care companies in the nation.

About Exordium Networks, Inc.

Exordium Networks takes a holistic approach to senior living community technology. From CTO services to strategic planning and consulting services, IT Engineering, telephony, senior care app solutions, to day to day, 24/7/365 help desk, and everything technology related in between – fitting with their motto “We are your technology team.”

Exordium Networks is dedicated to providing state of the art, customized technology solutions and services, thereby reducing the number of vendors clients need to interact with. Exordium’s mission is to provide the technology needed to increase the quality of care offered in senior living communities while keeping the cost low – without compromising on quality of solutions and services.


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Exordium Networks, Inc.

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