We’re different because we actually TEST all of our tactics and techniques against the major search engine algorithms to ENSURE they are the most effective, efficient, and beneficial to your Senior Living Community. Many other Online Marketing firms simply use strategies that are spammy, unproven, or even worse, no longer considered best practice by Google, Yahoo, & Bing.

Free Competitive Analysis


It all begins with our FREE initial Competitive Analysis and Online Audit of your community. In order to put together a comprehensive Online Marketing Strategy, we must first understand your competitive landscape. This includes a determination of your top 3 to 5 competitors (based on your ideal search phrases), a Search Engine Optimization review which includes; Domain Authority, Number of Backlinks, Paid Search Advertising budget, a Content Marketing score, and several other factors. We then compile an Online Marketing Overview report which compares your own company against your competitors.

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Your website is the cornerstone of ANY Online Marketing Campaign. It serves as your informational HUB in which you control 100%. By crafting, tailoring, and optimizing the content on your website, we are able to increase ALL of the metrics which brings MORE visitors, generates MORE leads, and ultimately drives MORE REVENUE for your company. Don’t have a website yet or have an outdated one? No problem. Our team of graphics designers and webmasters will craft an optimal and professional looking responsive website that looks GREAT on any device (phone, tablet or desktop).

Website Design
Onsite Optimization


Once your website is completed and presents your companies information in the best possible way, we are then ready to optimize the pages of your site to meet SEO (search engine optimization) standards and best practices. We do this by first removing any penalties that Google and other search engines have placed against your previous website and/or domain. These may include; broken page links, missing page meta descriptions, duplicate content, thin content, slow loading pages, optimizing images and more. Additionally, we will often rearrange page content in a more search engine friendly manner so that supporting pages within the site help to rank primary pages.


A Directory Citation for your Senior Living Community is simply a listing or profile ABOUT your company on a 3rd-party website like Yelp, Foursquare, Manta, Merchant Circle, your city’s Chamber of Commerce site, etc. The more consistent and accurate your information on these sites, the better ranking signal you send to all search engines. In addition, many directory citation websites give you the opportunity to 1) present a detailed description about your product and services, 2) provide reviews and feedback for customers, 3) display photos of your company, team, products & services, employees in action, awards, etc. We also focus on THE MOST IMPORTANT Directory Citation you can obtain: Google My Business and make sure that it is completely accurate and complete.


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Your reputation online is CRITICAL to the overall success of your business. Many consumers seek out reviews prior to buying from, or doing business with a company. We monitor ANY mentions of your company online in order to proactively “thank” or “respond to” reviews. We also will provide a REVIEWS page within your website which showcases positive reviews AND gives customers the ability to easily write new reviews by providing direct links to your review profile on Yelp, Facebook, Google, Foursquare, and other industry specific review sites.


The 2 MOST IMPORTANT ranking factors for search engines are 1) Content and 2) Backlinks. In order to showcase YOUR business as a subject matter expert in your industry, you must provide a constant drip of well-written, highly optimized content to feed the search engine crawlers and robots. This signals to Google and others that your site is RELEVANT, ENGAGING, CURRENT, and EVER-GROWING. As opposed to the opposite 5 or 10 page static website, your NEW dynamic website with lots of great content will have a much better chance of rising in search results.

Content Creation


After content, the 2nd most important Google ranking factor are Backlinks. A backlink is a hyperlink on a 3rd-party website that points BACK TO your website. By obtaining LOTS of high-quality, authoritative backlinks, you will signal to Google that your website is highly RELEVANT to the target search phrase. This is NOT just opinion, but is actually backed up by the fact that the other sites think so highly of your website, content, blog post, etc. that they are willing to link to it. We seek out and obtain ONLY THE HIGHEST QUALITY backlinks for your site during the campaign.


We showcase the results of our Online Marketing efforts at the end of each month by providing you with an Executive Summary Report. This report reveals the progress made in each of the areas above AND highlights (in general terms) the tasks that will be performed over the course of the next month. The report is comprehensive and easy-to-read so that you can review it with other team members in your community. As always, we’re available to go over the report with you and answer any questions you might have about the tactics used, direction of the campaign, and anything else.