Executive Team

Mohammed Khurrum, Ph.D – CEO and President

With over 25 + years in the Telecommunications Industry a PhD degree and multiple Masters Degrees in related fields, Mohammed’s longtime passion has been to make communication in senior living communities seamless.  As the founder and the engine behind Exordium Networks, Mohammed’s mantra is “Business is done with People”.  With that belief, the Exordium Team is guided towards developing personal relationships with clients and being there for them when it is needed the most.

Mohammed Khurrum previously worked at Sonus Networks, specializing in IP Telephony and communications and also served as a Consultant to MCI. He has a Doctorate degree and a Double Masters from the University of New Mexico and University of Memphis..

He resides in the Dallas, Texas area with his wife and three children.  Mohammed enjoys spending his time being involved in the local community.

Yasin N. Halai – Chief Technology Officer

Specializing in IT Policy, Procedure Development, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Yasin Halai, with 15 + years in the Technology industry – leads a team of IT Tech and Support Specialist.  With excellent communication and team management skills, Yasin has led his team on multiple projects, building sites, from strategic “build out phase” to go live.  At Exordium Networks, he has been responsible for introducing Managed Services to the portfolio of services that are integral to Exordiums core.

Yasin Halai has worked and traveled the world, managing and implementing IT Strategy in the African continent, specifically in Kenya and Tanzania.  Over the years, he has gained expertise and certifications as Systems Engineer with Engenius Technologies and Grandstream Networks.

Yasin lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and two sons.  He enjoys spending time with his family and playing football – when the hot weather permits.

Amjad Mehmood – Chief Architect


Amjad has been involved in Exordium Networks since its conception.  He is an Information Security Management professional with hands-on experience in enterprise security, risk management, datacenters, Security Operation Center (SOC) and Network Operation Centers (NOC).  Having worked with global teams and clients in different countries around the world, Amjad has a strong record of success in deploying robust IT security architecture and infrastructure.  He has over 17 + years of experience in information security management with emphasis on information security, networks, and operational compliance.

With a Masters Degree in Computer Science, Ajmad has served as an Architect overseeing many projects, most recently with Bell Business Market, Canada.

He resides in Canada with his wife and two children.  When he has free time, Amjad enjoys travelling and spending time with family.

Nisar Ahmad – Senior Manager

Software Development

Nisar has been with Exordium Networks since its beginnings.  He is a Software Development Professional with 20+ years of experience in the communications industry – specifically in Telecom IP PBX Systems, Software Process, e-medical systems, Graphical User Interface, and Nurse Call / Application Development. At Exordium Networks he has focused on the quality and efficiency of communication, focusing on the development of the senior care application.

With a Masters Degree in Computer Science, Nisar continues to stay abreast of new technology, languages, applications, operating systems and best applications practices in the senior living industry. Having previously worked at Touchstone Communications as a Senior Software Engineer, Nisar brings to Exordium Networks his expertise in communication systems, specifically Development and Integration with Wireless Nurse Call Systems.

Nisar resides in Islamabad with his wife and daughter. When he has free time, Nisar enjoys a good game of Chess and is passionate about exploring nature.

Dr. Munira Vajihi, MD – Director of Telemedicine

As a physician, Dr. Munira Vajihi brings the on the field medical expertise needed for the new growing field in telecommunications – telemedicine.  She has worked as an obstetrician, treating patients in multiple settings in various countries.  Her passion has been to make treatment less of an obstacle and more of a seamless process, specifically in the senior living industry.

Before joining the Exordium Team, Munira practiced as an ER Physician.  She has a Masters Degree in Health Administration and Gerontology.  This has allowed Munira to bring to Exordium a greater understanding of senior living and senior care.

Munira resides in the Houston, Texas area with her family.  She enjoys cooking and is well known for making delicious dishes on the spot.

Rashida A. Rasheed – Director of Marketing

Rashida Rasheed brings to Exordium Networks a unique set of qualities and experiences that are adept to showcase the Exordium brand and its potential in transforming communication – specifically in senior living communities – in this day and age of globalization.  Having a background in Education and Business Administration and experience working with Non Profit Organizations, Rashida has a strong record of success in image marketing and achieving pragmatic results.

At Exordium Networks, she has been responsible for leading her team on revamping the Exordium media and digital presence. On the client end, she works to develop personal relationships to increase client “happiness level” along with providing tools that allow clients to get the most out of their services.

Rashida has studied at the University of California, Davis and has a Masters Degree in Education with a minor in Business Administration.

She lives in Plano, Texas with her husband and four daughters.  Rashida likes to spend her time being involved in the local community, spending time with family, and embarking on adventures.