Cyber security is always a primary focus for both individuals and companies all
over the world. For people or companies that deal with a lot of sensitive
information or hold plenty of customer data, it is important to make sure that the
best data security practices are in place as well as advanced encryption of
technological assets.
How do you keep yourself or business safe from hackers and cyber-attacks? There
are many steps that have proven highly effective to make sure that your cyber
security is not compromised at any time at home or at your business.
1. Be security conscious
It sounds crazy but you or your employees could be the weakest link through
which your data security could be compromised. A typical example is when you
use poor, easily guessed passwords for computers or files. Make sure that your
passwords are long and complex. A good password should contain uppercase and
lowercase letters, and special characters. Don’t write down passwords or display
it on post-it notes close to the computer. Be aware of phishing links and be
careful when opening unfamiliar attachments or links on emails or websites.
Always double check that you are visiting the correct website and not a scam
2. Protect your computers and network
Ensure that your computers have functional anti-virus programs to keep your files
safe. Also ensure that you update the operating system of your computers
regularly to the latest versions. Firewalls should also be installed to improve
overall cyber security and deter hackers. Data security can also be enhanced by
not leaving computers, phones and storage drives unattended. Keep all flash
drives or external hard drives locked at all times.
3. Back up information regularly
One important way to keep your business safe from cyber-attacks is to always
back up your files and data at all times. Keeping data encryption at the highest
level is also important in order to protect sensitive personal and business
information from being copied or shared even from a lost data drive. Having a
backup allows you to be able to recover important information and not have to
worry about lost data or time in the event of a system issue.
4. Hire Professional IT Services managers
There are many benefits of hiring managed IT solutions like Exordium Network.
This goes beyond just IT services and avails you to a team of network engineers
and tech specialists that will help you increase the encryption and data security of
your existing network. This is important because even if your data is lost or
accidentally deleted, we can get you back to full operational capacity quickly.
Managing your cyber security is easier when you have Exordium Network helping
you with your IT services. Not only do we help configure a secure network with
top-class encryption, we also ensure that your data is kept confidential via the
most powerful encryption services possible.
Cyber security is important to any organization and when you work with an
expert, there are less chances that a cyber-criminal can find gaps in your network
which could cost you millions. So, fortify yourself against these costly attacks by
implementing these tips today to become stress-free