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Cloud Computing

For part three of this series, I'd like to focus on a term called "cloud computing". Chances are, you've heard of this term before, probably thrown around by your cable service provider (store DVR recordings on the cloud!) or if you've signed up for Microsoft OneDrive or a host of other cloud services. But in [...]

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Seniors and Information Technology: Much ado about something?

The elderly among us continue to remain on the edge of the “digital divide”. This separation is well known and is split among many different lines including wealth, education, ethnicity, and age, among others (e.g., gender, country of residence, state of residence, broadband access, etc.). While there has been progress made in shrinking these partitions, [...]

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Telephony – What is VoIP

For part two of this series, I'd like to focus on a technology called VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. Chances are, you've probably used VoIP in the past and never even knew it. If you've used Skype, Vonage, Viber or a host of other similar applications/services, then you've already used VoIP! But what exactly [...]

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A lot of businesses like to stay on the "cutting edge" of modern technology, or at least, they like to say that. And who could really blame them? Technology offers up a lot of advantages to businesses, from increased efficiency, to driving down costs. However, what technologies should businesses really invest in? And which ones [...]

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